Psychiatric Treatment Center FAQ

What Is Psychiatric Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient psychiatric treatment provides for monitoring and stabilization of symptoms in a safe, supportive, structured living environment. Clients involved in this level of care receive the support of psychotherapy in addition to medication adjustments intended to rapidly reduce symptoms of severe mental illness. Clients at this level of care are at a reduced risk of harming themselves or others as opposed to those receiving inpatient hospitalization services. Florida Oasis Residential Mental Health provides psychiatric inpatient treatment or residential treatment.

What is the difference between inpatient, outpatient and residential treatment?

Psychiatric Inpatient treatment and residential treatment can be used interchangeably which Florida Oasis Residential Mental Health provides. Inpatient hospitalization is provided to clients who are in crisis and need constant monitoring due to a mental health crisis. These clients are in acute danger to themselves or others and may require intervention in the form of physical space, mechanical or chemical restraints in order to prevent harm. Outpatient treatment provides for a client to obtain counseling and/or psychiatric treatment in an office setting while living at home or other structured setting.

When Should I Go To A Hospital Versus Florida Oasis Residential Mental Health?

The hospital should be utilized by a person that is suffering from a mental health crisis. Suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, hallucinations (seeing or hearing things other people do not see or hear), delusions (believing things that are not reality or evidenced based), self harm (cutting, burning, or hurting self in any way) are all indications that the acute stabilization provided in the hospital setting is required.

How Long Can You Stay At Our Residential Facility?

A client's length of stay is determined by their ability to make progress in treatment. Historically speaking, our client's length of stays have ranged from 2 weeks to 4 months.

Does Insurance Cover Services at Florida Oasis Mental Health Services?

Insurance does cover services provided by Florida Oasis Residential Mental Health. Prior to admitting a client, our staff verifies insurance coverage and provides guidance on covered benefits.

What Can I Expect From A Day At The Florida Oasis?

A structured setting with supportive caring staff that take an interest in your wellbeing and improvement. The daily schedule includes modalities such as group therapy sessions, individual counseling sessions and medication management sessions.

Do You Offer Medication Management?

Yes, medications are prescribed and managed by our board certified medical director who is a psychiatrist.

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