Mental Health Services You Can Trust

At Florida Oasis Residential Mental Health, we passionately assist those who are struggling with complex mental health challenges. Our residential treatment facility features a daily schedule of professional counseling, group therapy, and medication management services. It is our mission to help you (or your loved one) by providing comprehensive treatment and recovery from mental illness. Our intimate treatment environment which accommodates a maximum capacity of nine patients, ensures that our team of specialists will provide the attention, individualized care, and hospitality that is fundamental to you or your loved one's progress.

Compassionate Mental Health Treatment

Florida Oasis Residential Mental Health was founded on the principle of transparent, high quality residential healthcare for those suffering from mental health challenges. We seek to address the necessity for a comprehensive and comfortable residential mental health care facility in our community. Our team consists of compassionate psychiatric, licensed mental health, and medical professionals who have expertise in helping those suffering from mental health challenges stabilize and thrive.

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