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Imagine being in a treatment environment with people you come to see as family. People who take the time to get to know you, see your struggles and react in real time to give you the support you need. People who earn your trust and believe in your ability to advocate for yourself. People dedicated and passionate about teaching you how to embrace your mental health symptoms as signals that inform us rather than something to be ashamed of. A place far away from the fancy accommodations that only serve to distract you from your true purpose of treatment, recovery, and wellness. Imagine what it would be like to set a foundation for the independence you deserve, gained by an awareness of when your symptoms begin. This awareness allows you to act on your own to lessen the intensity of those symptoms before they become overwhelming. Imagine, no more. The Florida Oasis Residential Mental Health provides this and so much more.

Our Staff

  • A board-certified psychiatrist that serves as our medical director and provides direct care to our clients.
  • A dually board-certified family practitioner/addictionologist that focuses on our client’s medical challenges.
  • A psychiatric nurse practitioner.
  • A full team of Masters level and licensed clinicians & therapists.
  • An EMDR certified licensed trauma specialist.

Our Comprehensive Case Management Services Include:

  • Assistance with Social Security Disability.
  • Family medical leave management.
  • Assistance with requests from attorneys/courts.
  • Coordination of all medical appointments to specialists.
  • Coordination with educational institutions, discharge planning to lower levels of care, housing placement, and more.
Jeffrey C
Jeffrey C
Couldn’t have asked for a better experience, was nervous since this was my first time doing in patient, actually any mental health related at all. The staff were amazingly friendly and the small number of patients resulted in an unbeatable sense of community that greatly helped the treatment process.
Bill Teitler
Bill Teitler
It was not easy finding a residential facility that specializes in mental health rather than addiction. The mental health focus along with the great reviews prompted me to try Oasis for a loved one. That loved one of mine always got better in treatment at Oasis.Tyler, my point of contact, is a pleasure to deal with. He always gets back to me right away and is very empathetic and accommodating. All of the other staff members I have dealt with at Oasis have been great too, including Michael and others.
Greg G
Greg G
The knowledgeable staff, helpful doctors, and caring nurses made me feel safe here when I couldn't feel safe anywhere.My medication was adjusted in a prompt, responsive way that made me feel heard rather than ignored. I was asked about side effects and medications with no benefit were removed from my care plan.The focus on restoring agency and giving me back control of my life was critical to my care. I felt like I was an active part of my treatment. The program, intensive groups, lots of 1-on-1 care, and helping me get the additional targeted care for my PTSD was nothing short of a miracle for me.I came in not knowing what to expect from any residential facility; I am leaving with a new appreciation for the work both patients and staff put in to get people back on their feet and transitioned to their next stage of care.
Jason M
Jason M
I can’t say enough about this place. My stay was absolutely fantastic. ALL of the staff were extremely friendly - from the owners to the clinicians to the nurses and the day and night staff people. They care about the patients and their well being. It’s a small facility which allows them to focus on each patients needs. I would definitely send anyone who had mental health problems to this facility since it is geared towards mental health issues rather than most facilities which include substance abuse. 5 stars for Florida Oasis!
c fus
c fus
Just can not say enough great things about this facility. I have a loved one that has been struggling for quite some time. We had tried numerous facilities to no avail. Finding the Oasis has been a Godsend. Jonathan, Scott and Tyler are the most compassionate, personal and professional people we have had the pleasure of meeting. They go FAR beyond the call and have been like members of the family to us. I can not stress strongly enough how absolutely fantastic the Oasis Staff has been. If you or a loved one who is struggling with a mental health issue, this is “THE” Place to go. They work hand in hand with the family and patient and have been there for us “EVERY” step of the way. After 2 years of frustration, we now have hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done and continue to do to help our family member. Words can not describe how grateful we are.
Dalton McInnis
Dalton McInnis
Thankyou Florida oasis for helping me and giving me very useful tools that I can use later on in life. All of the staff here are very kind and will help you with anything. Thankyou!
i've been to a lot of treatment centers, and i have to say that this one is definitely one of the best. the staff are not just here for a paycheck, they genuinely care. there are 6 groups a day, so you'll definitely be getting a good amount of therapy. i've been admitted here twice, and i was treated with respect and compassion both times. i wanna give the tech, caitlin, a shoutout on here. she's one of the best techs here. she helped me so much when i was struggling and she cares. if you're looking for a good and beneficial mental health treatment center, this is it. out of both times that i've been here, i have grown so much, and you can, too.
Chayala Meisels
Chayala Meisels
This place is freakin awesome From the moment I walked in I was greeted with love and kindness the staff was so welcoming!!! I was treated with so much respect I felt like I was heard and acknowledged!!! Here you are never treated like just another patient. It feels like family where everyone truly and deeply cares about you. I just felt like I was finally in the right place and hell yea I was!!! I cannot thank the staff enough they always listened to me and gave me time and the space to just be my authentic me!!! I will always be grateful the all of them!!! Thanks you! Jonathan, Scott, Tyler, Caitlin, shea, and Michael, you guys changed my life for the better!!!

Learn About Our Comprehensive Mental Health Facility

Above and beyond is a phrase used loosely, but difficult to achieve. Our commitment at Florida Oasis Residential Mental Health is to define this phrase, because we believe it is the dividing line which separates the care that we provide from that of the rest of the treatment world.

We understand that placing trust in people, especially when you are suffering, is the single most important action you can take toward beginning your journey to recovery.

Our staff’s mission is to earn and build that trust on a daily basis, in every interaction, so that your single focus in treatment is to feel better. This starts with ensuring your comfort, answering your questions and attending to your deepest concerns, encouraging you to advocate for yourself by letting us know what you need when you need it, developing a treatment plan aimed at addressing your symptoms with your collaboration and approval, and being attentive throughout your stay to assist you, especially if struggling is the only thing that you can capably do. Above and beyond is routine for this group of professionals. We are dedicated to providing our clients with only the highest quality treatment. Above and beyond is where we hope to assist you from where you were yesterday, where you will get to today, and, if you incorporate what you learn in treatment, where you are going in the future.

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