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Imagine being in a treatment environment with people you come to see as family. People who take the time to get to know you, see your struggles and react in real time to give you the support you need. People who earn your trust and believe in your ability to advocate for yourself. People dedicated and passionate about teaching you how to embrace your mental health symptoms as signals that inform us rather than something to be ashamed of. A place far away from the fancy accommodations that only serve to distract you from your true purpose of treatment, recovery, and wellness. Imagine what it would be like to set a foundation for the independence you deserve, gained by an awareness of when your symptoms begin. This awareness allows you to act on your own to lessen the intensity of those symptoms before they become overwhelming. Imagine, no more. The Florida Oasis provides this and so much more.

Our Staff

  • A board-certified psychiatrist that serves as our medical director and provides direct care to our clients.
  • A dually board-certified family practitioner/addictionologist that focuses on our client’s medical challenges.
  • A psychiatric nurse practitioner.
  • A full team of Masters level and licensed clinicians & therapists.
  • An EMDR certified licensed trauma specialist.

Our Comprehensive Case Management Services Include:

  • Assistance with Social Security Disability.
  • Family medical leave management.
  • Assistance with requests from attorneys/courts.
  • Coordination of all medical appointments to specialists.
  • Coordination with educational institutions, discharge planning to lower levels of care, housing placement, and more.

Learn About Our Comprehensive Mental Health Facility

Florida Oasis Mental Health Center helps people who realize their mental health has become an obstacle in their lives and need immediate, all inclusive solutions. Our comprehensive treatment approach and residential setting is ideal for individuals who experience anxiety, depression, trauma, bi-polar disorder and intermittent psychotic episodes. Our highly qualified team of medical professionals are dedicated to understanding all unique situations and are passionate about providing life changing guidance and support.

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